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Arm Wrestling Info


The Game

The object of arm wrestling, also known as “arm pulling”, is to beat your opponent by pinning their hand onto the table. ESE 365 Sports Arm Wrestling events will follow an adapted version of the World Arm Wrestling Federation rules; where the following information was taken from.

Players & Equipment

Competitors compete with each other in weight classifications to ensure that matches and competitions are fair. Players are also required to dress appropriately, with them wearing short sleeve or sleeveless shirts and sports pants with little or no advertising. No jeans are allowed to be worn and neither are any kind of arm, elbow or wrist support.

For official ESE 365 Sports Arm Wrestling Tournaments, the tables should have the following features. Tables essentially consist of:

Elbow pads – These are where each competitor plants their elbow. They are padded to avoid discomfort and prevent injury.

Touch pads – These are the raised pads are on opposite sides of the table that each respective competitor is trying to pull his opponents hand onto.

Hand pegs – These are used by competitors to grip onto while arm wrestling, allowing for some added leverage.


In individual matches, in each weight class, the following points are awarded:

1st – 10 points

2nd – 7 points

3rd – 5 points

4th – 4 points

5th – 3 points

6th – 2 points

7th – 1 point

Winning the Game

In individual matches, the winner of the match is the competitor who pins their opponent’s arm onto the table.

Rules of Arm Wrestling or “Arm Pulling”

Each match is officiated by a referee.

There is no time limit to a match but a referee may call a halt to the match if one or both competitors are not physically able to carry on.

The competitors should approach the table, make themselves comfortable and then grip their opponent’s hand. The shoulder of both players must be in a square position before the match starts. The grip should be palm to palm with the thumb knuckle visible. The competitors other hands should grip their respective hand peg.

Once the referees are ready, the contest will begin. Each competitor should attempt to pin their opponent’s arm onto the table.

The match is won when one competitor pins their opponent’s hand onto the table.  The referee will shout ‘Stop!’ and indicate the winner.

A winning pin is when any part of the competitors natural wrist touches the touch pad. A pin cannot be made if the elbow is out of the pocket.

There are numerous fouls that can be committed in Arm Wrestling. These include touching a part of your own body during the match, crossing their shoulder into the opposition area, dropping the shoulder below the height of the touch pad, foul language, abuse or poor sportsmanship to name a few. You will forfeit the match with your third foul.