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Disc Golf is Coming!

Disc Golf is Coming!

ESE 365 is proud to expand our sporting event offerings to Disc Golf this fall! We will be offering top prizes and awards to our finalists and look to help grow the sport further.

Disc golf is an emerging sport with tens of thousands of players joining the major associations annually. Taking mainly from the sport of golf it is a variation on the time honored sport and gives a new twist for today’s more athletic and time crunched athletes.

The rules mirror that of golf with a player starting at a tee and seeing how few shots it takes them to get the disc in the basket or the the “cup”. Disc golf “holes” are tall, standing “baskets” with chain links running vertically to help catch the disc. Like in golf, in disc golf, a player has several options on what disc will give them the loft and shape that will help them achieve the shot needed. Depending on the lie, the shot may require a disc that goes long and straight, or one that goes long and curves left, or one that goes short and straight.

Just like in Golf, the shots will add up and the player with the lowest score will be declared the winner. Similarly, your scores will average to give a scoring handicap. This helps level out the playing field no matter what skill level your opponent may be. This helps ensure growth and fair competition for all. Contact us today to find our nearest disc golf event near you!


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